Media & Communication Program

Media & Communication Program

This focuses on developing strategic framework that creates and supports effective information sharing relationship between the PGF secretariat and the wider publics it serves. Overall, the media and communication program seeks to achieve its mandate by building synergy between the activities of the Progressive Governors Forum, lead media actors in APC State Governments and relevant stakeholders in the media sector.

Program Rationale

Perhaps no other political party in Nigeria had ascended to power on the wave of humongous public expectations as the All Progressive Congress (APC). This is clearly understandable. The gross mismanagement of the nation’s resources by successive governments aroused majority of the Nigerian electorate to the indispensability of “change”. The victory of the APC has therefore come with a lot of public expectations. A significant portion of this burden lies with state governments controlled by the APC. APC state governments are not oblivious of this reality. As part of the strategies in managing resonating public expectations, governance deliverables and milestones recorded by APC State Governments need to be properly communicated to the Nigerian people. This has led to the restructuring of the PGF Media and Communications Unit to accommodate, within a broader framework, monthly production of a newsletter and interactive biennial town hall meetings.

Program Structure

For effective program implementation, the Program operates a threelayer governance structure to drive the process of design, implementation and monitoring. They are as follows:
Steering Committee: It provides needed leadership and direction
a. Two Governors
b. Two Party Activists
c. Three Experts in the field

Program Objectives

  • To establish an effective process of information sharing between APC Governors, Media Experts, PGF Secretariat as well as information from the states through the Governors Special Advisers on Media. 
  • To initiate a strategic framework for effective communication of governance deliverables by APC states in line with APC manifesto.
  • Propose effective communication synergy between PGF secretariat, Media Professionals and APC States.
  • To develop a framework for a biennial Town Hall and also develop a structure that will drive the process of the composition of the steering Committee members.

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