Governance Programme

Governance Programme

This will focus on developing strategic framework for the Progressive Governors to be able to address challenges of governance. Policy Briefing Papers and stakeholder engagement activities will be designed and implemented

Program Rationale

One of the major challenges faced by transition democracies such as Nigeria is huge instability in the delivery of social services in an accessible, qualitative, accountable and sustainable manner. Based on recent human development index report on Nigeria, it is clear that many states are struggling to meet developmental objectives with relation to providing accessible and affordable education, healthcare, social welfare, and expeditious justice delivery system. There is therefore need for a deliberate, expanded and methodical governance framework that creates the space for public engagement that will facilitate the development of a blueprint for sustainable delivery of developmental goals.

Program Structure

For effective program implementation, it is proposed that a four-layer governance structure be put in place to drive the process of design, implementation and monitoring as follows:

  1. Steering Committee: It will provide needed leadership and direction:
    1. Two Governors
    2. Two National Assembly Leaders
    3. Three Experts in the field
  2. Program Team (PT): This will consist of secretariat staff and will be responsible for the day to day running of the programme. This team will be under the leadership of the Director General of the Progressive Governors Forum. Other members of the team will include Director, Planning and Strategy, Technical Adviser and Technical Assistant (Governance Program).
  3. Policy Expert and Design Panel (PEDP): This will consist of key policy drivers in states, experts drawn from national and global institutions with strong social policy development traditions. The Panel will play a lead role in producing monthly policy briefs as major outputs. The panel will meet monthly.
  4. State Task Implementation Group (STIG): This is a group of key actors at state level who will work in partnership with the Program Team to coordinate the implementation and monitoring of programme activities in APC states. This group will meet on quarterly basis and will consist of relevant Heads of State MDAs and key executive cabinet members especially those that occupy lead positions in programme thematic areas.

Program Objectives

  • To develop policies and processes of mobilization of resources for the actualization of sustainable delivery of social services in progressive states.
  • To initiate a process of public and stakeholder engagement that deepens the social democracy content of governance especially with respect to delivering social services.
  • To design an effective monitoring and evaluation template that track task implementation, ensures lesson sharing and promotes fiscal accountability in progressive states

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