Communique issued at the end of meeting of Progressive Governor’s Forum held at the Lagos House, Marina on Thursday, 16th January, 2014.


A meeting of the Progressive Governors’ Forum held at the Lagos House, Marina on Thursday, 16th January, 2014 to deliberate amongst other things on strengthening the APC and its structures, review the State of the nation, and review of governance and political developments in APC-managed States with the aim of building a common development agenda.

Forum reviewed the preparations of the national secretariat and the Interim Executive Committee of the All Progressives Congress. It reached a consensus to fully support the plans and proposals on the modalities and dates for the registration of members for the party. It urges all prospective members, sympathizers and party structures to also fully support the process for a comprehensive documentation of the members.

The Forum deliberated extensively on the institutional preparations toward the coming Ekiti and Osun State Governorship elections. Noting the opportunity of sufficient time, Forum urged all relevant stakeholders involved in management of the electoral process to ensure they put together appropriate arrangements to discharge their duties lawfully and with utmost responsibility to forestall a repeat of the electoral sham experienced in Anambra State.

Forum reviewed current developments in the National Assembly noting the ongoing political realignments of members of the federal parliament. It charged the leadership of the National Assembly to remain consistent by respecting the rights and privileges of members to elect the political party of their choice without undue intimidations.

Forum maintained that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Essentially, if seats were not declared vacant when members of other political parties moved into the PDP, the leadership should not set a terrible precedence by inflaming tensions with its insidious plans to declare vacant seats of members who abandon the PDP fold. Forum received a report on the proposed commitment statements adopted from the work of the party’s Strategy Committee and endorsed the statements as presented. Forum urges the party leadership to ratify the statements of Commitment and to set machinery in place to immediately begin.

Forum took an in-depth look at the activities of the Nigeria Police Force, especially as it relates to its conducts in Rivers State in the last couple of months. Forum frowns at the brazenness, impunity and outright misconduct of the Commissioner of Police in Forum maintains that the Nigeria Police Force is not a PDP police and such acts of prejudice should be curtailed immediately.