Noting the human development crisis facing the country, Governors elected under the platform of these parties, commit ourselves to work under the banner of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF). ​


Noting the human development crisis facing the country whereby indices of poverty and unemployment appears to be on the increase, there is growing apathy among citizens with respect to government initiatives at all levels, and to that extent, citizens participation in governance processes is low and the foundation of democracy therefore very weak.

Against the background of high oil revenue controlled by the federal government but relatively low internally generated revenue by state governments, the capacity to respond effectively to this manifest governance crisis that is impeding the growth of our national democracy has been slow. Given the emergence of the All Progressive Congress (APC) from the merger of our parties (ACN, ANPP, CPC and APGA), Governors elected under the platform of these parties, commit ourselves to work under the banner of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF).

Our goal is to mobilize all APC state governments to facilitate accelerated human development through undertaking policies and programs to improve quality of life of citizens, eradicate poverty and create jobs in the country.


  • To organize all APC governors to commit themselves to specific policy actions in their states aimed at promoting the social democratic programs of APC in line with provisions of the party constitution and manifesto.
  • To relate with other progressive-oriented governors in the country and where possible collaborate, partner and associate with them so as to promote good governance and speedy democratic development of Nigeria.
  • To undertake specific agenda setting, experience sharing and learning activities based on the strategy of ensuring synergy, coordination and producing the same results across all APC states, with specific emphasis to the development of education and health care services.
  • To mobilize citizens towards expanding and deepening democratic structures focusing on initiatives to guarantee that elections in the country are transparent, credible and the results reflect the votes of Nigerian people.
  • To facilitate and support the initiative of APC leadership aimed at negotiating with other organized interests in the country to strengthen service delivery, democratic and accountable governance in the country.
  • To support and facilitate the process of leadership orientation for APC structures at all levels in the country. .

To initiate actions towards facilitating the growth and development of Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) as a strongly respected national democratic umpire in the country with a commitment to enhance the viability of all state governments irrespective of partisan affiliation.